Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Response to Fear

Yes, it is true. One Muse responded, “I’d wear a bikini!” Although it was a bit tongue-in-cheek, it affected me. I realized I was afraid of wearing a bikini. Then a friend told me, “I once saw a woman on the beach who was overweight with stretch marks wearing one. She owned that bikini. She was fabulous!” And I realized I wanted to feel that comfortable in my own skin and I was going to! I bought three and will be sporting them proudly on the beach in Costa Rica!

You can get over fears that quickly or sometimes it takes time and baby steps. Doesn’t matter what it takes, when you are ready, begin taking the steps. Getting past fears is powerful. The rush from buying bikinis gave me the power to commit to my first retreat in Costa Rica! Do you want to live from fear or love?

Okay, so tell us...what would you do today if you weren’t afraid? (And, what one step will you take today toward living from love instead...)

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K said...

lol - I have a fear of wearing a bikini AND a collection of bikinis! Almost every spring I buy one, "hoping" to get in shape enough to wear it. I think I own 5 of them. It has been interesting to ponder what my real fear is about this subject.

Laura said...

K, Thanks for the comment! Would love to know what you find out...

Anonymous said...

I'd do something different with hair.
Cut it, perm it, stop coloring it (maybe) So tomorrow I'm making an appointment!!

Anonymous said...

OPPS. i forgot the anonymous comment is from
becky k.