Thursday, October 23, 2008

Monday Morning Musings

Muse Upon This:

What would you do right now if you weren’t afraid?

Interesting questions, isn’t it? How many of you have even considered that fear is an option? No one has the same fear. To me that says that it is possible to not be afraid of whatever I am afraid of. The interesting thing about fear is it keeps us stuck, really stuck in our current state of being. We don’t move forward in the area in which your fear lies whether it is our relationships, financials, emotional life, even our physical bodies. Then when we take a step to move beyond our fear...the power is spectacular! My daughter learned of this recently and you can read her tale here.

I posed this question to the Muses a few months ago and it began a flurry or emails. One email in particular affected me deeply. In fact, I bought three in direct response! Curious as to what it was? Read more...

Now, leave a comment for others and us. We want to know what you would do right now if you weren’t afraid!

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Tamlin said...

...let the day unfold as it needs to be.

Karen said...

This may sound funny but I would adopt a kitten! I have never had a cat before so I'm not sure how to do all of the "house-breaking" things you do for a cat (not that there aren't many books and people out there who are available and willing and able to advise me). After losing one of our sweet little dogs this summer, our other dog seems so lonely and I think a cat would be the perfect companion without adding a lot of work. Yet, the fear of the "cat unknown" is keeping me from a sweet little kitty companion - for myself and my little dog.

Beth said...

I would do more arm balances in my yoga asana practice. I started a weight training program in May of 2007 to help me have the strength to do poses I have struggled with. I now have much stronger arms but don't regularly practice the poses. I am very comfortable with my favorites and know that there is fear attached to the challenging ones--fear that I won't be able to do them well and fear that I will be disappointed in myself.

Marya said...

Fly on airplanes. Actually I did recently, quite unplanned. I am also scheduled to go to Las Vegas next month and already have the tickets. I'm working through this one. I will go on airplanes, yet I don't really enjoy any part of it. I'm trying to get to whats at the bottom of that fear and release it so I can fly with joy and excitement!