Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monday Morning Musings: What I Like About Me

Muse Upon This:

What I like about me...

I wish I could say I thought of this is so simple and absolutely brilliant. It comes from Melissa over at “Operation Nice”. (You can read what she wrote about herself here.)

Here is your assignment: Comment below (or your own blog and link it to ours) what you like about yourself. Let us know! And you can read what I wrote about myself in my comments...


Laura said...

So, one thing I found fascinating about this list is just how may things off of it were things I used to NOT like about myself. Hmmmm...

• I like my hair. I have very curly hair and it took me years not to be jealous of my sister who has dependable, straight hair. I finally found a stylist who could teach me how to enhance the curls not be overwhelmed by them!
• I like my feet (luckily since I am barefoot a lot in front of people!)
• I like my gregarious nature. Another thing I learned to like. My giggles and loudness was something that used to embarrass me.
• I like my eyes. Have always liked these. They are deep brown.
• I like my smile. This “like” took braces to shift. There was definitely an awkward time for my smile...
• I like how I teach...this one took me awhile, too. I used to teach the way I thought my students wanted me to. Now I can listen to my heart and let it come from there.

Sas said...

Hi Laura,

I missed Monday Morning Musings this week and came here right after reading this on Daily Om (Thurs).

Sounds like I have two messages IN A ROW that are telling me to take a closer look!

And actually, I have tried to make a list on my blog too, but couldn't seem to get the words out. So, I will do this exercise soon and see what comes up!

THANKS for the idea!!

Tamlin said...

For me, I don't think that it is so much things that I used to NOT like about myself but things that I was oblivious or took for granted.

* My willingness and enthusiasm for trying new things from food to yoga poses to hobbies.

* My hair color (red) - provided, I used to get teased about it as a kid but didn't really understand what the big deal was either way.

* I like that I have a deep thirst for learning/knowledge.

* I like my geekiness (go...go...gadget girl!). I love technology, gadgets, computers etc.

* I like my sense of humor - sarcastic and dry.

Carol said...

Well, it took some time but here's what I like about me:
*I like the way I can help people through yoga.
*I like that I am compassionate by nature.
*I like being from a large family (9 kids!).
*I like that I look much younger than my 52 years....keeps them guessing!
*I like that I "feel" much younger than my 52 years!
*I like that I can be silly and not feel silly about being silly.
*I like that I feel I am (mostly) a good person.


Beth said...

I like my blue eyes

I like my thick hair (I would like it more if it was still brown!)

I like the physical strength I have

I like the ability I have to care about others

I like the ability I have to see and appreciate the beauty in nature

I like my humility (which is making it very difficult to share these thoughts with others!)

MuseKaren said...

I looked at this last night and - wow - didn't know what to write. I think as a society we are so into what we *don't* like about ourselves that we rarely focus on what we do like! So - here it goes - I love my feet! Took me many, many years to say that. I like my straight hair. I like that I love to learn and love to travel. And, like Beth, my appreciation of beauty in nature - and really beauty in all things.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of this list. Here goes.
I love my feet especially after a pedicure. I love my eyes and long eye lashes. I love my laugh, loud and full bodied. I love my ability to help others. i love my ability to create lovely jewelry. I love that I can move past and vanquish fear so that I can experience what I want and need to experience in this life. I love that I have learned to be open to help.

I think I will make a long list tonight. Thanks for getting me started. -- Tracy

Marya said...

Well, well, well. Where do I begin?
I love my belly, stretch marks and all. It is in no way what modern society deems "perfect" which is probably why I like it so much. That and it helped me in forming 3 amazing kids.
I love my problem solving skills. I fancy myself as kind of like MacGuyver.
I love the way my body moves (and feels) when I dance.
I love my goofiness. Which thanks to a few special people I now have a little more of.
I love my honesty. It took years to find and I'm still honing it. Life is so much easier when you can live without lies.
I love my backside (just had to throw that one in there)

Sas said...

I did the assignment. I just cannot stop loving myself right now!

Inspiration is so completely nifty!!!

Heather RYT 500 said...

When I first read this I resonated so well with Karen's perspective. The ironic thing is that Im so not humble by any stretch of the nature which makes it odd that I had troubles with defining what I liked about myself (My nickname on one of my swim teams was "Humble Heather"...something that makes one go hmmmm). At any rate here it goes:

I like the fact that I toot my own horn. If no one else is listening at least I am. And I hear myself loud and clear

I like my showmanship

I like my ability to inspire and coach people the way I do.

I like the fact that I listen well and empathize with people very well.

I like the fact that I can handle confrontation and am able to put myself out there to help solve a problem knowing that certain risks may include confrontation.

I like my health

I like my skin. I should, I specialize in it.

I like the fact that I look young for my age.

I like my overall physique. I like the fact that athletically Im fairly a natural at most things if not all things I try.

Most importantly, I love the fact that I can make people laugh on a dime if I want to.